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    Any Level. Every Body.

    Customized fitness programs for every age, level and need....
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    How it Works

    Customized programs will help to increase overall functional fitness and address any imbalances or flexibility issues as well as strength...
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    FitnWell Fusion is a private training studio dedicated to the highest standards in customized one-on-one fitness training. ...
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    Why the Trainer?

    "Do you need a personal trainer?" That's a question only you can answer. But clicking here might help shed some...
+company info
FitnWell Fusion began in 2005, when Sally became an independent personal trainer. She opened a private gym in early 2012 to cater to the specialized needs of her clientele.
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Sally keeps up on the latest in fitness news (so you don't have to!). Browse through the knowledge and expand your mind.
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Give me a call at 336-324-8209 or send me an email

Our Goal

To improve and increase your health and fitness level, which will lead to weight loss and toned, sculpted, lean bodies.

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